Yoga With Lacey Seidman

Lacey Seidman teaches breath-centered yoga classes and privates in the Hudson Valley and New York City.

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Alignment at Whole Sky Yoga in High Falls — Mondays at 12pm  /  Fridays at 4pm

Learn more about the physical body as you safely prepare for advanced postures and shift your attention to specific anatomical focal points. Open level, but experience with yoga is recommended. Varying it's focus week to week, the class demonstrates that how we align is always RELATIVE TO what we're aligning WITH.

Vinyasa at Ignite Fitness in New Paltz — Mondays at 4:30pm / Tuesdays at 8am

All asanas in this power yoga class flow in a graceful sequence, guided by rhythmic breathing, to produce an inner heat and suppleness in the muscles. Realize the body’s full potential and quiet the mind to create a dance-like movement that strengthens and balances. Prior practice is recommended.

Therapeutic Flow at Whole Sky Yoga in High Falls — Tuesdays at 10am

Yoga doesn't have to be hard. This easeful practice pairs breath-centered movement, customized supported postures and pockets of meditation to relieve stress, improve circulation and, over time, even facilitate healing.

Warm Vitality Flow at Vitality Yoga  in New Paltz — Wednesdays at 9:30am (NEW!)

A  85-degree vinyasa flow for all levels who have some yoga experience. This class will make you feel amazing after a deep sweat and a physical, emotional and energetic cleanse. You'll gain flexibility and strength and leave with a profound sense of well being.

Slow Flow at Vitality Yoga in New Paltz — Wednesdays at 12pm (NEW!) / Fridays at 12pm

A slow Vinyasa flow that is suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced. Precise alignment cues will guide you to safely move from one pose to the next. Poses will be held to sink into the stretch providing strength and flexibility and a profound release of tension held in body and mind.  Deep breath work and meditation will be incorporated throughout the class you leaving you calm, centered and grounded.

Candlelight Vinyasa at Whole Sky Yoga in High Falls — Wednesdays at 6pm

Deepen your practice and discover your edge in a moving meditation that offers challenging sequences and crisp transitions. Soothing candlelight will leave you floating out the door, glistening from a post-practice sweat.