Yoga With Lacey Seidman

Lacey Seidman teaches breath-centered yoga classes and privates in the Hudson Valley and New York City.

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Lacey's Bio

Lacey discovered movement as a dancer, and later became enamored with anatomy and the concept of balance as a gymnast in her early teens. Born with a rare neurological condition, however, she was forced to part ways with the sport just before entering high school. 

After three spinal surgeries — the last of which left her with nerve damage down her left side — Lacey steadily worked to rehabilitate her body by deepening her practice. Rediscovering her physical strength, balance, and gait made it clear that yoga's health benefits were undeniable.

After nearly a decade working in media, Lacey became Yoga Alliance-certified with April Martucci's FireDragonYoga™ teacher training in 2012 and immediately began covering classes at studios in Brooklyn— all while still working full-time at MTV Networks. 

Her second teacher training was conducted a year later by Abhyasa Yoga Center founder, J. Brown. Focused on simple, breath-centered yoga for all walks of life, the training helped Lacey become even more sensitive to students with injuries, chronic illnesses, limited mobility, and trauma. 

Using her experience and intuition to make yoga more universally accessible through instruction, Lacey now teaches classes and privates in NYC and the Hudson Valley and continues to study movement through the lens of Body-Mind Centering with Amy Matthews at The Breathing Project. Lacey's holistic approach is strong-but-nurturing and empowering on many levels; delighting in the repetition of her work on the mat, she considers the practice to be an essential element in remaining grounded, healthy, and recharged. In a word, maintenance.

In addition to the teachings of awe-inspiring April Martucci and compassionate J. Brown, Lacey has had the privilege of learning from several incredible teachers and students — all of whom she honors. She thanks Michael Stein, Gina BassinetteCass Ghiorse, Jyll Hubbard-Salk, Patricia Pinto and Amy Matthews for their grace, inspiration, and support. 

I started doing yoga and meditation directly as a result of my relationship with Rick Rubin, working out in California in the 1990s. Basically, I got sick, and yoga healed me. After that, I came to understand that yoga isn’t a set of exercises, but a set of instructions, an owners manual to the human body.
— Dan Charnas (Author, Journalist, Former Kundalini Yoga Teacher)